Is your organization Period 9 compliant?

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The great resignation has fueled the headlines of people leaving their jobs. And the driver for that is not the money, the title, or company benefits. These are needs of the past. The definition of success has shifted. In this new world, people want 3 major things:
1) Freedom
2) Attention and
3) Flexibility.
The question is what have you as a business leader, CEO and company done to respond to that shift in the market. Is your organization Period 9 compliant?

Is your Organization changing?

The new world is called Period 9, and it is starting from 2024 – 2043. We are right in this transition phase between two worlds: Period 8, the old world and Period 9, the new world. The major turning point from a metaphysical perspective started in the year 2020, the year of the Metal Rat. This is the year where the energy shifted. The COVID pandemic started, and the economy and world changed. People’s mindset started to change. The year 2020 marked the year that changed everything: From how we work, to where we live, to how we think.

An Organization needs to hire based on new Skills

If we look at the Yi Jing (=the book of changes), it shows the “Increase” hexagram. That means in order for you to “increase” and become better, you have to acquire a new set of skills. Furthermore, companies need to get rid of the old-fashioned belief to hire based on experience. Instead, organizations have to focus on skills, adaptability, motivation, and a growth mindset in order to grow as an organization.
Now is the time to adapt, change and transition into this new phase. A firm’s progress can only be sustained in Period 9 by going with the flow and by keeping the interest of others in mind.

Leadership means Flexibility


Leadership in times of change involves commitment to the needs of the people. In order to bring about a lasting increase in prosperity for an organization, we have to remember what leadership is about. Leadership is about serving. However, I am taking you one step further.
Leadership in Period 9 is about following the trend. Following the trend involves being in the flow. Just like water, an organization needs to keep moving. Looking back or being rigid means losing out on opportunities. Being Period 9 compliant means an organization needs to operate based on the new principles of flexibility and adaptability.

The Organization that will win in the future


The Great Resignation has put employees into the driver’s seat. Many people have pivoted careers and entered new roles and industries where they feel it better supports their personal and professional goals. Others left the workforce altogether. Success for employees in this new world means more control of when, how and with whom they want to work.
According to a recent article by Inc. magazine, those companies who will win in Period 9 are the ones who create connections with their people. They achive this by creating a culture based on flexibility, trust and accountability.

Is your organization connecting with your people?

Companies that feel they need to do surveillance of their employees, like installing spyware or cameras, can be sure that this will create disengaged employees, ready to quit. Control is a characteristic of the old time of Period 8 in the earth element. From an energy point of view in metaphysics, we are now moving away from the earth element into the fire element. That means getting rid of old structures, hierarchies, titles and command-and control management.
For managers, executives and leaders to succeed in Period 9, they need to understand and adapt to what people want. People want 1) freedom, they want 2) attention and they want 3) flexibility.

Here are a few examples of what this can look like:
– Give them the freedom to think, to create and come up with new ideas
– Focus on the outcome, not on hours employees put in, or time spent in the office
Let them fail, learn and fail again
Coach them well, instead if micro-managing
– Show personal interest in your people and develop an emotional connection

From information to Inspiration

Technology spirituality

The two big topics in Period 9 are technology and spirituality. The last decades have been driven by knowledge and information. We are now transitioning into an era that requires us to look beyond that. The world is not only black OR white. The world has become black AND white AND something else. The energy is shifting, and people are realizing there is more to what we know and what we can see.
Robotics and AI can have the capacity to replace human work in the future. But yet, we are more than just our human bodies. Intelligence going forward encompasses not only our body and mind, but our emotions, soul and the overall universal intelligence. And we need all 4 levels of energy to move our employees from information to inspiration.

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