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"The 3 Reasons You Must Be Ahead of time to succeed in Business
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The New Future

Prepare, influence and create a better future, as we are at the pivotal transition stage into a new era.


Change the way you think, operate and innovate in order to thrive in this new economy with the superpower of foresight.


Gain clarity with the right energy and spiritual alignment to succeed in life and business.

Definite Purpose

Metaphysics Fengshui Coaching

Sue empowers people to maximize their potential and capacity, and to move from an era of information technology to an era that incorporates wisdom and spirituality.

Sue enjoys quality conversations with passionate people from all walks of life that are willing to look beyond popular thinking.

Fly above the clouds like a bird

Sue has a passion for people and the science of tomorrow

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The Future is just around the corner

Key Areas of Focus


Create better results in life and business with the help of Metaphysics and the underlying concept of the 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) as you navigate through the new norm.

The 5 elements concept

The 5 elements concept is over 2000 years old. Each element depicts a planet, which is constantly moving and affects every human being in the universe. It is the energy that transforms from one element into another. In the same way does our life constantly evolve and transform.

Four Pillars of Destiny

Successful business leaders are fully aware of themselves. The Four Pillars of Destiny and the Destiny Chart analysis uses the 5 elements to describe your own internal energy. Understand your hidden talents, opportunities and potential so you can make a larger impact in this world.

Qimen Dunjia Forecasting

Have the right strategies to make better decisions. Use strategies to create maximum impact and results for a project, a company, an investment or a life decision. QiMen forecasting helps professionals make better decisions.

Gain Absolute Clarity in a Chaotic World

Absolute clarity happens when you align your mind, thoughts, feelings, actions and reality. Gain clarity so you can utilize your resources in the most effective ways to transform your life.

Date Selection

Use the energy of each day to your advantage and focus on targets that get you to your magic goals in less time. Utilize auspicious dates for appropriate actions to create maximum results.

Future Talks

Sue discusses the changes in the economy, society, and the evolution of new ideas and values with leaders in business and beyond.

Feng Shui

Use the energy from your environment to create better opportunities and a better outcome for yourself, your wealth, health, career, business, family and relationships.

Insights from my Blog

Articles on business, life and success

The 3 transformational forces that will change our future

We are in a transition stage into something new. Period 9 starts from 2024 and lasts until 2043. The element of Period 9 is fire. Fire industries includes for example the internet, information technology, and artificial intelligence. We already see the technology trends stated by Gartner or Forrester, such as Blockchain, AI, Virtual reality. The 3 transformational forces that will change our future are technology, spirituality and women.

The 3 Superpowers of Consultative Conversations

There is a good chance that you have not expected to be working virtually for as long as you have. The current pandemic has forced you to find new ways of connecting and communicating with your colleagues and customers. The challenges are that at times it may feel like you are building the airplane while…

Successful Business Leaders anticipate Trends in the Market

Anticipate Trends in the Market. Business leaders and founders look ahead to identify opportunities for success while avoiding risks. Leaders must have strong visions. When you hire someone for my business, you want them to help you build and expand the business. If you understand how to assemble the right people in their job roles and teams, and combine it with coaching for your own people, this helps not only the firm, but also the employees and even their spouse.

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I must say it was such an eye-opener. It was amazing. This really shows you your hidden talents and your true personality. The consultation helped me to take matters really into my own hands.
I will always take the time to listen to someone like Sue who has consulted and coached people around the world. She has created numerous businesses from the ground up in record time.
Sue's method helps your coaching conversations start off on a deeper level. You dig right into where you're really at and what's going on. Sue's consultation helped me focus on what I want to achieve and who I am.


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