When the world is changing at the speed of light and people are pulled in different directions, it is even more important to bring people together again. The past years have changed the ways we work and live. It has probably moved you out of your office of hierarchy into your own garden of freedom. As we see people coming back into the office again, we may encounter different people. This time away from corporate has led many of us to re-think of what we do on a daily basis and what impact we want to create moving forward. Being able to create a story that moves your stakeholders will become more important than ever.

The 3 elements of change in the near future

There are 3 elements of change that are leading us into a new era individually and collectively:
1)    The first one is the transition from chaos towards more empathy and connectivity.
2)    Secondly, the power of creation will lead to new discoveries and breakthroughs.
3)    Lastly, your ability to move others at a deeper level with meaning and purpose will drive your organization to greater heights.

From Chaos towards Connectivity

Lately, I had the opportunity to help 15 highly motivated project managers, engineers and sales directors of a 170-year-old global technology firm in Munich to stand up and deliver narratives that revitalize the human connection element. They were nervous, insecure and scattered in thoughts, when they arrived. We created so-called laboratories, so they could experiment and test out new ideas and different parts of themselves. This traditional firm stands for building trust and confidence in the landscape of technology.  While this company is transforming from a paper to a currency based digital company, so are its people transforming into a new era.

The humanistic element in business

The question is how do you create trust? It is not just the words you speak, but the connections you create for your listeners that is of essence to effectively communicate and move them forward. You need to create a safe space first to allow others to feel heard and seen. As Starbuck CEO Howard Schulz says: “When listening happens, learning begins”. That humanistic element is what we will see as the new driver in business going forward.

Our value system is changing

As we move forward in this transition phase from element earth (the old, rigid, material world with hierarchies) into the element fire (technology, wisdom and individuality), our ability to create new ideas and to move our ideas forward becomes a catalyst for new inventions and realizations. Our perspective of values is changing collectively. The value of stability and material things, like coins and paper money is transforming as you read my article. Not only the financial system is undergoing massive change. Our whole value system and the values your company is based upon is shifting into new dimensions.

Create a story when changes are happening

We are currently in a recession and it will get worse. This recession may possibly turn into stagflation and ultimately a market collapse. When shit hits the fan, you as the founder, CEO or leader are asked to come up with new creative ways to fulfill the new needs in the market. Only those companies that have a solid product or service and value are going to survive. If your company can not survive, it is up to you as a leader to re-invent your product or services. When we are undergoing massive changes, we can either show up and tackle those challenges or be afraid and hide away. It is like Maslow’s hierarchy of fight or flight. Are you falling back to your known thoughts and solutions or are you looking to find new solutions to newly arising complex problems? It is highly likely that your company’s story is changing too.

It is time to move yourself and others

From 2020 to 2024, we are  in a transition stage, as we move from information age to inspiration age, and you may need to upscale your skillset. By that I am not only talking about technical or digital skills. The next 20 years in the fire element are about creating influence and inspiring others at a deeper level. Thinking outside the box, and using your intuition will play a bigger role. The language of this new time is not going to be about rockets or bombs. In this new world, you need to be able to speak and create a narrative that moves your employees, clients, vendors and stakeholders emotionally with new ideas and purpose.  A narrative is of value only when you can immerse your listeners into your why.

What is your story?

It is not enough to say what your company is doing. Additionally, it is not sufficient to convince your audience with numbers, data and statistics. Budgets, quarterly numbers and succinct KPIs are performance drivers of the past. Numbers and data (= earth element) have been sufficient until we hit the turning point in 2020. As we transition into the fire element, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) Are your product or services aligned with what is needed in those next 20 years?
2) Is your company transforming or are you thinking and doing the same old from the past 20 years?
3) What is the story of your company?

Create a story as a catalyst for transformation

When the world is changing at the speed of light, that change creates turbulence in the economy, the market, and for your company. Are you equipped to anticipate these changes and prepared when massive change arises? As a metaphysics consultant, I grow business leaders so they can make better decisions and stay ahead of the curve and take action before others do. It is not called predicting but rather anticipating for what is coming. In order to do so, you need to be able to have clarity for what is coming. Now is the time to create your company story to move others forward. This requires you to re-invent and transform your thoughts, your company, employees and yourself!