Chinese New Year of the Tiger: Lead with courage, confidence and elegance

The past two years have challenged us in the way we live and work. We have seen that we can never go back to the “old normal”. Thererefore, the COVID pandemic has altered our perception of work, and the need to align our work with our values. It opened new perspectives thanks to the requirement and acceptance of remote work.

 2022 requires a new thinking, a new way of working, connecting and a whole new way of being. You need to ask yourself: “How do I want to live and what can I bring to the world that creates value and makes a difference?” 2022 requires of you to step up in your leadership role.

Lead with courage, confidence and elegance in the Chinese New Year of the Tiger!

Is the Chinese New Year of the Tiger going to be good or bad?

New Chinese Year - Red Wall

On February 4, 2022, we are moving from the year of the Metal Ox into the year of the Water Tiger. Naturally, people ask me if 2022 is going to be a good year or bad year.

My answer is: “You decide if this is going to be a great year for you or not. It all starts with YOU! The transformation starts with you. It is only going to be a bad year when three criteria are met.

1) There are unexpected negative events
2) Unexpected expenses and
3) Unforeseen negative results.

Anticipate change

Therefore, my question to you is: What do you EXPECT in 2022? If you expect change and anticipate change, then this is going to be a great year. Why? Because you plan, strategize and adapt accordingly. To thrive in 2022, you have to anticipate change!

The Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger

2022 is going to be the year of the Water Tiger. From the 2022 yearly chart, we can see a lot of the water element. However, it is not going to be stable water this year. Water is going to be chaotic. We can expect to see strong currents, sudden changes of floods and flooding. Water represents also cash.

A lot of cash is in the market. However, it is volatile and without substance. As a result, there is a potential of a market correction happening in 2022.

Medicine and Healing in 2022

The other strong element is Wood. This Yang Wood element is associated with the fields of medicine. It is possible that there could be a medication for the corona virus. Wood also represents alternative medicine and healing.

More and more people are seeking direction and guidance! It is therefore also a time to look inwards to seek purpose and truth. Once we understand the 2022 overall chart and its impact on your individual chart, we can create a map. Having a map or a plan allows us to move with more confidence through the year.

Change is needed so growth becomes possible

If you have the “Monkey” in your chart, then you can expect to see the biggest changes. Depending in which pillar of your chart it is, this will affect different areas of your life. That is because Monkey clashes with the Tiger of the year. Clash means change. It means transformation.

There will be changes that you will feel uncomfortable with. For those who are afraid of change or do not like to change, this can result in stress and problems. But this change is needed so you can grow! With growth comes learning.

5 key areas of growth in the Chinese New Year of the Tiger

There are five things we can all learn in 2022:

1) Do not depend on one income. Create two or three income streams.
2) Eliminate risk by knowing what you invest in. Once you have enough information and knowledge, you can reap quick profits. Because of the volatile water element, you have to move fast in 2022.
3) Focus less on roles. Instead, focus on skillset and how you can become better. Skills are critical, because they address core business challenges.
4) Anticipate change. There is a difference between reaction vs. response. Stop reacting and learn to respond.
5) Lead with focus, courage and confidence in this transition phase.

Lead with a growth mindset during this transition phase

The transition phase started already in 2020 with the Great Conjunction and continues until 2024. We are moving from the earth element into the fire element. Earth element is represented for example by authority, stability, and security.

This fire element is represented by new technology, freedom, individuality, beauty and spirituality. The year of the Water Tiger is in the sign of Water, so keep moving. Do you feel stuck in your mind? Change your thinking.

If you feel stuck in your relationship, learn to express your emotions better.

Is your business idea not working? Adapt and start a new one. The key is to not stay stuck in the old ways. Create movement in your life and business!

Stand up for what you believe in the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger

New Chinese Year Red envelope

2022 asks you to re-evaluate your values, to think faster and to adapt quicker.

The tiger is a courageous, beautiful and confident animal. For you to make this a great year, you have to make the right choices. Metaphysics, and in particular the insights of Bazi, QiMen and Feng Shui are giving us insights to gain foresight.

Having deeper insight helps you take advantage of opportunities at the right time. 2022 asks you to be courageous, to stand up for what you believe in, and to lead with confidence and elegance.

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