Visionaries bring light into the dark

As a kid, I would go to libraries and search for books about the universe. The sun, moon and the stars were all fascinating to me. Finding out something new gave me goosebumps. My belief was and still is that darkness and the unknown can bring light and happiness in our life. I could hardly wait until Friday, when I would be done with school, take my backpack and hop onto my bike. The ride to the library felt like freedom to my ears. I could hardly wait to learn about the astrological side of the universe. At that time, my friends form school did not understand me. They considered me weird and different. But I did not care. I knew that the universe is here to be discovered. Just like visionaries who bring light into the dark.

When numbers and data only get us so far

My life as an auditor many years ago, challenged me to uncover numbers and figures that were not correct in a company’s financial system. As an auditor, my visit with my team was seldom welcomed. The minute managers heard “the auditors are coming again” brought a shadow over us. Amongst looking through piles of checks, data and numbers, I found insights into people’s behaviors too. In fact, I became so great at picking out samples, that one employee was fired by the company, because I found out that she manipulated payroll checks. How did I uncover that? I learnt the ins and outs of auditing first, and eventually I began to trust my instinct and gut feeling. Learning to trust my inner wisdom helped me thrive as a business and metaphysics consultant.

Visionaries lead with the universe in mind

The world is shifting from the age of knowledge and data to an era that requires us to re-wire our brains. We need to re-learn to pay closer attention to our gut feeling. The past 20 years have brought us more efficiency, safety and security in the earth element. Our next 20 years in the fire element require a whole new skillset to survive, to innovate and to live on planet earth. Structures are slowly falling apart; the pressure is boiling and the question we all need to ask ourselves is: “What is going to happen next?” As Elon Musk said: “I came to the conclusion that we should aspire to increase the scope and scale of human consciousness in order to better understand what questions to ask.”

Something has to change

Yesterday, I had a virtual call with my friend from LA. I learnt that she had some interesting calls with each of her friends whom she had known for the past 30 years. It turns out that all three of her friends did not do much during the past two years. In fact, there was this one question that evolved from all three. The question was: “When are things finally going to change?” My friend noticed when she finally hopped on the virtual call with me that a lot has changed in my life. “Absolutely”, I said! The 15 managers I coached last week from a well-known Fortune 500 company have grown outside their comfort zone and transformed within 3 days. So, when I hear people asking what needs to change, my answer is simple: YOU have to change.

Light and Innovation propel us forward

If you don’t change and innovate your business, it is going to die. This happened to Eastman Kodak when they did not invest in new technologies, insights and people. They assumed that their success will continue into the future. Little did they know that failure to change can cost you everything. So, the question of “When are things finally going to change?” is a question that leaves us powerless. A more powerful question that everyone needs to ask is: “What can I do to create change?”

Visionaries tap into the universe

Visionaries have the super-power to bring light into the dark. By darkness, I do not mean evil. Darkness is anything that has not yet been brought out into the light. It is something that lives in the universe, beyond boundaries, and beyond our comfort zone. Going outside our comfort zone is where most of us do not want to go. Yet, this is the only area and place where we can truly grow. Once you tap into the universe, you can connect with the universal energy. By doing so, you tap into your hidden potential and create.

Changing your beliefs allows you to create something new

In metaphysics, the universe is our friend. It is not a dark side where you can’t see anything. The universe with its stars and constellations is pure energy. We can tap into the universe to develop our human potential. As a master of Metaphysics, you respect the universe. You know what to do when to create what you want. Most people are too afraid in life to just simply try. But imagine what could become possible if you changed your limiting beliefs? Moving from “I am afraid” to “I am going to try this out, and give it a chance to grow?”

Business titles do not mean anything

As a growth mindset leader, you need to become comfortable to move outside your comfort zone and try out something new. Nothing in life will change if you do not change. When I coached these 15 business leaders, they all have been successful and they all had their titles. But titles do not mean anything. The future requires of you to think faster, change faster and implement in new ways. Your limiting belief “Because I am an engineer, I can’t tell a colorful story” is your belief, but not a fact. In order to impact your board of directors, CEO or team, you need to move beyond data and figures. You need to create meaning. There are tools and techniques that can help you do that. One of the techniques is storytelling. The question is what story are you telling yourself? Leadership starts with you.

Connecting the dark with the light

As we create a new era over the next 20 years, we need to think in new ways. From a metaphysics perspective, future leaders build bridges between the element earth (= the stability) and the element fire (=freedom & mobility). From 2020 until 2024, we are in this transition stage, where we are breaking free from authoritative regulations, rules and stability. We are moving to the element of fire, which stands for freedom, flexibility, technology with purpose and speed. As with any change, there will be tension, fear and resistance to change. However, life sometimes brings us unexpected events, just like COVID-19 that requires us to change.

Visionaries go to places no one has ever dared to go

Change does not happen overnight. As company leaders, you are required to change your sailing course to ship your boat to places no one has ever dared to go before. As a visionary, you connect to the dark and unknown in order to lead with wisdom and light. Visionaries bring light into the dark. One of many nuggets of wisdom coming from Elon Musk is to be bold, but not reckless.

Visionaries become visible when everything breaks lose

Visionaries connect the old and the new. Like Nikolas Tesla, the electrical engineer and physicist states in his article: “Knowledge comes from space; our vision is its most perfect set. We have two eyes: the earthly and spiritual. It is recommended that it become one eye.”

As we transition into Period 9, the fire era, you need to develop 3 leadership qualities of the future:
1) Tap to the universe to become still
2) Use metaphysics advice and insights to develop your hidden potential
3) Combine data, facts and figures with your gut feeling to make better decisions.

These newly developed qualities go beyond your wildest imagination. They require you to take risks. Visionaries connect and bring light into the dark. When everything breaks, visionaries become visible.

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