The Great Conjunction initiates Transformation

This month, December 21, 2020, there has been a special cosmic event happening in the sky. You may ask yourself, why bother? This meeting of two planets is actually a once in a life time event that has happened the last time about 500 years ago. This phenomenon is what the astronomers call the Great Conjunction. Saturn and Jupiter are close to each other and closest to the earth that we can witness this encounter with our eyes. The impact of the Great Conjunction initiates transformation which will impact us on earth over the next 20 years. How we think, live, do business and work will become very different.

What is the Great Conjunction?

On December 21, 2020, Saturn in the element of Earth is meeting with Jupiter in Wood. The meeting is quite unique because the proximity of the two planets to our planet earth is so close that we have the chance to witness this encounter with our eyes if we look up into the sky.

If you have felt that your goals have been out of reach, then this meeting of the two energies will help you move forward to take action to reach your goals. It is your time to harness the energy from the cosmos. This is an opportunity to look at your work and what you do in life and business. A great time to change the way you create and grow your wealth.

What are the big things you want to achieve in the next 20 years?

Think about what you need to do, what skills you need, and who can help you. Gain clarity about who you want to become. This Great Conjunction of two planets will create massive transformation for us on earth. What has been rigid, restrictive and authoritative to you in the past will give now the way to more growth, expansion, individuality and spirituality in our lives and businesses.

In order to adapt to this frequency of transformation and to reap the fruits, you have to gain clarity first on what you want to change. What is it in your life that you need to eliminate so you can create space for what you want? If you are very resistant to change, you will find it very uncomfortable in 2021 and the next years to come because change is going to happen. If you are the one who allows, initiates and embraces change, this will bring good fortune.

Those who are resisting change will become frustrated. People asked me over the past months and during this Covid-19 pandemic of 2020: “When will everything be back to normal?” My answer to them is: “We will never be back to the old, same old. This is the new norm. Now, ask yourself, what will you create and change to adapt to this new norm?

Who will you become over those next 20 years?

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