The 3 transformational forces that will change our future

There are 3 transformational forces that will impact our future. Roughly every 20 years, there is going to be massive changes happening in the world. The theme of the last 20 years was all about the age of knowledge and information. From a metaphysical perspective, the years between 2004 – 2023 are called period 8. This period’s element is Earth.

What does that mean? Earth element relates to the industries such as finance and real estate. We are already seeing that these industries are trending down. Stability, owning something and authority are qualities of the earth element. We are in a transition stage into something new. Period 9 starts from 2024 and lasts until 2043. As we are already nearing the end of period 8, we can see a shift of prosperity in some industries and the decline in others.

One of the 3 transformational forces to impact our future is technology

The element of Period 9 is fire. Fire industries includes for example the internet, information technology, and artificial intelligence. We already see the technology trends stated by Gartner or Forrester, such as Blockchain, AI, and Virtual reality. Companies that have transformed using digital technology to conduct their business will benefit from these shifts. If your company is not in the technology field, do not worry. The important step you need to take is to ask yourself how you can make your products or services digitally savvy. Using digital engagement tools will be key in the new period. How you communicate and interact with your customers needs to be upgraded to Period 9 tools.

Upgrade your business to be Period 9 compliant

Imagine you are in the food & beverage business and own a chef star restaurant. Ask yourself how you can utilize technology to create a new experience for your clients. Use technology to be visible for them and cater to them. In addition, upgrade your business so you can deliver in new ways using technology. You can, for instance, offer a drive through dining experience in the midst of palm trees. The staff could offer your customers a glass of wine, while taking your order via a digital app and as they drive through. Technology will not go away. Therefore, upgrade your knowledge, educate yourself, or hire professional consultants to become Period 9 compliant.

Spirituality is the second out of the 3 transformational forces to impact how we live and work

Our society is moving from an era of information overload into an era that incorporates more wisdom and spirituality. Spirituality is going to be the second transformational force to impact our future. The way we work and live is changing. COVID-19 has impacted our world in massive ways. Businesses have changed. Over the past year, every business employee had to out of a sudden work from home. Even business executives that created an image of status and authority when wearing suits are now seen in comfortable clothes, guiding their teams form home. This shift alone created a shift in perception on what work means to us and why we do what we do. This shift is only a starting point.

Your Boss is becoming human again

The other day, I was speaking to the executive assistant of a real estate company in Germany. She noted that upper management never allowed its employees to work from home in all those years. Due to the pandemic, they had to change the rules. Management over the years had created the image of C-level executives having to be on the road, in meetings and travelling non-stop. Now, even management could no longer travel. Everybody realized how convenient and effective zoom meetings can be. Your boss has finally become human again. This past year created a so called “slow-down” due to the pandemic. Period 9 in the fire element also refers to the organ of the “eyes”. How we view ourselves and others, what we do for a living and the perception we developed of what is right and wrong are going to change.

Metaphysics helps you make better decisions

Metaphysics is a fire industry and is playing already a bigger role in our life. Using the energy of the universe will help us align again with who we are and what we are meant to accomplish in this lifetime. It will help us to become less stressed-out and redirect us to live and work wiser. Using metaphysics means using the invisible energetical forces to connect and do business in new ways. What we will be seeing is a yearning for more freedom, less authority and more insights. Coming from a place of wisdom allows people to see the bigger picture. Using metaphysical tools help us to make better business decisions. Spirituality is going to be the driver to succeed in business in Period 9.

Women are the third of the 3 transformational forces of our Future

The third transformational force that will impact our future are going to be women. More women are going to step up in the business world. More mid-age women will lead and drive change. Let us take the beauty industry. More mid-age women will care for their health and beauty. The beauty industry is in the element of fire. This will be an industry that will prosper from 2024 onwards.

Additionally, more women will become future role models and leaders in business and politics. The freedom women want and claim will lead to new business models. Women do no not want to rely on men. They strive to work, to have children-even at a later age- and they want to create their business. This phenomenon will be massively seen on a global scale. More women will rise to the power in the future.

Technology, Spirituality and Women impact the World of Tomorrow

Metaphysical practitioners often look at the impact new periods will have on a global level. The Period 9 Fire star is related to the eyes and heart. We could see more medical advances or breakthroughs related to these body parts and enhanced by AI. The star 9 is also related to the mind. We will see a powerful shift in how we interact as human beings and how we incorporate more spirituality into our daily lives and business. The 9 Fire (Li trigram) is also symbolic of middle-aged women. While parts of the world have had female presidents, it is likely that in Period 9, the USA will finally have its first female president.

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