About Sue

Who is Sue Baumgärtner-Bartsch

Sue is an International Business Advisor who has worked as Senior Audit Manager in one of the 5 top global players of the Audit Industry. She gained insights into the way businesses in Asia, USA and Europe bypass the challenges of a highly volatile world economy. The interviews with the CEOs of these enterprises made her aware that there is much more to success than just numbers and deals closed.

From Audit to Global Advisor

That is when she decided after 10 years of being an auditor to unite her expertise with a variety of special metaphysics strategies.

Thereby Sue helps entrepreneurs, business leaders and experienced professionals make use of their untapped competitive advantage to get more out of life and business.

Sue has been interviewed on TV, Radio and appeared in Magazines around the world. She shared stages with celebrities, such as Vanilla Ice, Brooke Shields, Michael Douglas, Steve Wozniak, Mel Gibson, Christie Brinkley and others in front of over 2500 business enthusiasts from over 71 countries.

Early Life

Sue grew up in Munich Germany. She graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (in Finance) from Suffolk University (Boston, MA, USA).

As a child, however, her talent in ballet dancing was discovered early on. At the age of 6, she was selected amongst few students to study ballet with the “Heinz-Bosl-Foundation”. For 40 years the name of the foundation has been a seal of quality for in-depth training around the world. Her discipline and talent as a young child promoted her to advance and become a semi-professional ballet dancer. She performed on stages of the famous Munich opera house and various theatres in Germany.

What always seems light and easy on stage to the spectator, was in fact hard work and constant practice. However, the grace of movement and dancing while being one with your body and soul is what brought her immense joy and flow. But life had other plans for her. Due to stunted growth issues that evolved in her spine and knees due to heavy impact of the ballet jumps, she had to suddenly stop her ballet studies.
However, her determination did not stop her to move in life. In fact, her quest for movement, and her out-of-the-box thinking continues until today.

The Principles of the Universe

Throughout her childhood, she was always intrigued by abstract sciences and the principles of the universe that was beyond what was taught in school. At the age of 14, she began self-studying from books and all she could find on Western Metaphysics.

That path of her curiosity for the universe coupled with her curiosity about other people and places gave her the opportunity to move to another continent.

Her studies in business administration in Boston, USA were only the beginning of a life filled with moments of serendipity.

A Journey across 3 Continents

As a professional in the financial auditing field, she was faced several times with adversity. People challenging her skillset. However, one thing she had learnt in life early on was that her hard work, persistence, her positive attitude and networking with the right people always paid off.

She earned her CPA in the State of Massachusetts, when others did not believe in her. Here she excelled to become one of the leading auditors of the Boston office to be given the opportunity to make a bigger impact in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. During this time, she audited NASDAQ and other global companies. Thereby, she increased her visibility and influence in the US, Asia and Europe.

After working on 3 continents (USA, ASIA and EUROPE) Sue combined her business expertise with her insights in Chinese Metaphysics. That propelled the lives and businesses of others to the next level.

A New Future

Our society is currently transitioning from an era of information technology with information overload, into a new era that incorporates more wisdom and spirituality.

It is not only what we know that helps us make better decisions, but often what we do not know that can lead to the next innovative breakthrough in life and business.

In this journey, Sue sees herself as a facilitator for transformation to the individuals that she meets. This includes entrepreneurs, business leaders, multi-millionaires, as well as people from all walks of life with an appetite for innovation and transformation.

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