Do you really believe in Feng Shui?

Forget about the lucky charms, a gold painting on the wall, or the particular plant for your studio that made you believe to become rich. All of this is not what matters when we consider the true meaning and application of Feng Shui in Metaphysics. What you did not know about Feng Shui is that Feng Shui makes use of the energy from the environment. But can you believe in something that you can not see? Do you really believe in Feng Shui?

The invisible force

When we talk about Feng Shui, we are talking about the understanding and enhancement of energy. This means that Qi is the invisible forces or life force energy that is surrounding us. To find out if your Qi flow is high and vibrant, you can assess your energy level. How do you feel on a scale of 1 (tired all the time) to 10 (being full of vibrant energy)? Life force energy exists in us. If not, you will drop dead.

You may say: “But I cannot calculate and see this energy!” True, but you know what it feels like when you have no energy and you are tired all the time. Then, your energy is very low.
I like to compare this life force energy with WIFI.

Qi is like the Wi-Fi signal of your phone

In your home, when your internet is working really fast and there are no blockages, then you can send an email within seconds to your client. That means your WIFI is at a scale of 10. Do you believe in Wi-Fi? Well, when your client gets your email message, it shows that Wi-fi truly works.
The same holds true with Feng Shui. As long as the energy can flow and is not obstructed, stagnant or clashing, then we can say that there is good Feng Shui in the house.

There are 4 factors of classical Feng Shui

The first and important aspect of Feng Shui is the environment and the surroundings of your home. This is also why it is important that when building a house to look at the landscape around your building. If the building is facing the river or sea in a certain direction, that is particularly powerful, as the element of water represents wealth. Wealth can flow into your house.

Aside from the outside environment, you need to look at the building and the inside Qi. How is the shape of your home and which sectors of your home are beneficial? The 5 elements of Wood, Fire, earth, Metal and Water are the basic underlying principles of Feng Shui. We can enhance areas of the home by understanding the energy in those areas at a given time.

The third aspect of Feng Shui are the residents and the people who live inside. It is important to understand what activity they are doing inside the house. Are they contributing to enhance Qi flow or not? And finally, you need to understand the last criteria in Feng Shui, which is time.
Money is a form of energy too. Your ideas, thoughts and contribution are energy. In order to enhance your wealth energies, as a resident inside of your house, it is important to understand what activities you can do at a certain time. For example, in 2021, there are certain sectors of your house that you should avoid in order to not create more obstacles or mishaps for the year in your life and business. This is critical and insightful knowledge to have.

Use the wisdom of Feng Shui for 2021

Sometimes, you have a strong intuition and may feel that you want to move your desk and furniture without consciously knowing why. This is exactly what we advise our clients to do at a certain time. However, there is a strategic way to go about this and to effectively use the wisdom of Feng Shui. The South East (=SE) sector in 2021, for example, is a sector to be avoided. If your main desk and work area is in the SE area, you may want to move your laptop and work space to another room and work from there to avoid the negative energies in the southeast sector in 2021.

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