A species that becomes multi-planetary

Time flies when you are a rocket. According to a recent Interview by the comedian Joe Rogan, Elon Musk stated that we might be 2 years until we could travel from earth to space and back landing safely. Imagine we, as a species become multi-planetary. An increasing number of business leaders and companies have moved from Silicon Valley to Texas. The city is going to develops into a progressive, open-minded, artistic yet technologically-driven hub of the future. Life is measured in time and energy. There may only be a short amount of time left to transport life from earth into space and make life multi-planetary.

Are you ready to take the Chinese New Year of the Ox by the horns?

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the way we live and work. And that is not all. On Feb 3, 2021, we moved into the new year of the Ox. The Chinese New Year is celebrated by many on February 12, 2021. “What do I need to prepare to maximize my success?”, people ask me. The…