Successful Business Leaders anticipate Trends in the Market

Hiring based on degrees and school marks is no longer an ideal way to recruit highly motivated people. Companies are focusing on character, attitude and passion. The companies are growing their business due to this ability to anticipate trends in the market. They are using one secret ingredient: That ingredient is called Metaphysics. This is your gold treasure chest in business. Such a treasure of secret advice and knowledge is what seperates billion dollar companies from others. The value is found inside.

Metaphysics helps you anticipate trends ahead of time

Metaphysics is a way to analyze someone’s character, their potential and challenges. Business leaders, executives and particularly HR departments have understood that metaphysics advice helps them make better informed decisions. As an employer, you want people who are not just looking for a job. Instead, you want people who love your business and promote your business, so your customers enjoy buying from you.
Startups and family-owned businesses are searching for people they can develop in order to increase results, performance, and profit. They want people they can develop into inspiring future leaders for the long-term. Most companies go by standard procedures, whereby interested candidates submit their resume through an online portal. The resume gets filtered through certain keywords and ends up at the desk of the HR manager. Although such developed standardized procedures may seem effective, they are no longer valid in the new norm.

Hire for attitude, character and passion

An MBA degree can be fake, school marks too, and black words on paper may portray a different picture of a person than reality. Education offers you a way to learn and train your people. However, attitude and talent are more important than ever. Your attitude towards your work, your values and behavior cannot be faked.

In oder to hire the best candidate for a project or assemble the most innovative and dynamic teams, you can no longer rely on education. You need a golden treasure chest in the form of metaphysics advice to make better business decisions.


Turn your employees into gold

Effective leaders, like Jeff Bezos, for example, communicate the values that make up that culture consistently. Amazon’s culture is made up of four ingredients: customer obsession, long-term thinking, eagerness to invent, and operational excellence. Businesses with HR and organizational development departments understand the value of developing their staff. Such departments offer more opportunities for employees. Employees, for example, get training and can move to other departments to grow and learn new skills. Such companies take pro-active steps to help management develop the next generation of leaders. Nevertheless, Jeff Bezos is a visionary entrepreneur due to his obsession with customer experience and the need to anticipate trends in consumer adoption.

CEOs and heads of companies will retire faster than you can think. This is a challenge, because the next generation has to take over. As the CEO and stakeholder of a company, you may fear that you might select the wrong person to lead the business going forward. If you select the wrong person, then this could be detrimental for your company’s legacy. The company may lose market-share, value and eventually crash.

Create a sustainable golden company with metapyhsics advice

Metaphysics helps you to coach your own people and find out what is special about the person, how you can handle the person better, and help them further develop inside your business. Not every person has leadership potential, and it is important to understand which person to put in the best role to utilize their talents and abilities.

The new norm requires us to look behind the surface of resumes and Emails, dress code and body language. The new norm asks leaders to find new solutions to problems. Incorporating metaphysics advice into the solution finding and decision-making process gives companies a cutting edge. It saves the company time and money. In order to create a sustainable and rich company with golden products, services and players, your company cannot win the game in the long run, without incorporating metaphysics advice.

The COVID-19 pandemic requires management to think outside the box

Leaders must have strong visions. When you hire someone for your business, you want someone to help you build and expand the business. You do not want to have constant battles with key personnel, because their attitude inside the company does not align with the values of the firm. The pandemic has severely changed the way companies are doing business, developing products, services and the way they hire. The COVID-19 pandemic has required management to think outside the box and made it a requirement to work from home. Something that would have never been possible without such a crisis.

Before, working from home was perceived as being not productive and being lazy. The pandemic made this shift in perception possible. Because now everybody is working from home, and companies go on virtual zoom calls almost naturally. As such the human side of people has come back into the equation again. Employees are no longer viewed as only being employees, but also human beings with families to take care of. So, when the toddler at home crawls back into the room while her mother is in a company zoom meeting, this incident makes everybody on the call become more empathetic and human again.

Success starts with creating value inside the company

So, what we really need is a shift from the cold black dress suit to a suit that portrays the various unique colors of every employee. That is the true gold treasure of a successful company. Metaphysics is a science. If you understand how to assemble the right people in their job roles and teams, and combine it with coaching for your own people, this helps not only the firm, but also the employees and even their spouse. Use metaphysics in your business for yourself as a leader, your employees, and even their families. This shows that you not only care about your employees but also them as parents, as husband and wife and them as a family altogether.

Utilizing the insights of a metaphysics advisor is worth the investment, as your business generates more revenue and profitability. In addition, you have less employee turnover, because you attract the right people, keep them and it is easier for the HR department to further develop its people. Turn your company into a golden treasure chest that shines bright for everyone that touches it.

Listen to this podcast for better understanding

It is of benefit to listen to the podcast episode of the growth zone that explaines how metaphysics benefits an entrepreneur and larger organisations. You will recognize how important it is to anticipate trends in the market by using additional sources of signal information:


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