What is your value in the marketplace?

The future of wealth is going to create a wider gap between poor people and rich people. The middle class as we know it will vanish. Those who adapt to the changes of technology, and learn how to apply technology will create value. What is your value in the marketplace?

Everything in life is energy and time. Even Nikola Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

The question is how do you plan on growing your money in 2021 and become more valuable to others? From a metaphysics perspective, we see money as a form of energy. The way you might have created and attracted money in the past is going to shift in the future. People need to understand that they have to adapt and understand the new needs of the market place. Food, safety, shelter and medical treatment is going to be in need in 2021. The pandemic of 2020 has created a whole new world.

Your business will either survive or thrive in the marketplace

Businesses will either survive or shut down. As a business owner, you need to re-invent yourself and create or invest into new income streams for your business. Using digital marketing to grow your services and products and using new ways to deliver is just one aspect for the next months to come.

What value will you and your business deliver in the future? As a CEO, you need to become more valuable in the marketplace first.
With a market capitalization of more than USD 600 billion, Tesla now ranks as the most valuable car maker in the world and the sixth most valuable company on Wallstreet, after Apple and Amazon. The perceived value and future demand in electric vehicles are what gives rise to Tesla’s company valuation. Electric vehicles are a perceived need in the market that give hope to solve the problems of environmental pollution.

Your value and that of your company

How valuable are you perceived to be in the marketplace? What is it that your company can improve in order to increase and change the demand of your industry? 2021 will be a year with a rise in more businesses being created than ever. But 2021 will also be a year that separates those who have the courage to adapt and to re-invent their products and services from those who resist change and new perspectives.

What are you going to do differently in 2021 to grow your future wealth?

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