Testimonials Sue Baumgärtner-Bartsch received from clients

Sue has been advising and helping successful people to strategically expand their potential. Clients in corporate leadership, entrepreneurs and people of influence want to achieve their goals. Life can get in the way when we want to make the impossible reality. There are ways to be successful and still have the comfort of a family and friends. Building teams and delegating responsibilites to high achievers is one of the essential tasks of a leader. This does come with some challenges. That is why you should take the time to read and listen to the testomonials Sue Baumgärtner-Bartsch received from clients in different places of the world.

Tom Jungen (Toronto, Canada)

Having worked in the telecommunication industry and eventuelly experiencing what life has to offer you, makes Tom sincerely happy to know what the future has to offer.

He has been running a successful marketing agency and now enjoying expanding his ecommerce business in Toronto. Listen to what Tom thinks about Sue and her helpful insights.

Elke Guelpen (England, UK)

As a sales executive and marketing advisor Elke has been working in corporate sales for for a long time. Rising to the ranks of a sales manager and executive in a male dominated industry has not stopped her from going beyond what other people traditionally do in the region she grew up.

She learned quite a lot about herself and Sue was able to help her strategically plan for years to come. Having a successful and satifying life creates the foundation for a fulfilling life. Health and good spirit is what keep sales people afloat against all odds.

Allison Summers (Chicago, USA)

Having been in corporate and NGOs for decades has giving Allison quite a perspective into what is required of a leadership that can create true legacy. As an executive in an NGO you have very different constraints and challenges to cope with then within an international corporate global player.

Alice enjoys her work and creating something supremely important for society. That is where Sue’s advice helped her overcome quite some tough situations in management and is grateful for the advice she got from Sue.

Dean Graham (Guateng, South Africa)

Dean is a sales trainer and seasoned sales executive in the office supplies industry. Having ventured out into solar, coaching and other entrepreneurial opportunities, he noticed that there was a limit to what he could anticipate in his business dealings.

Having experienced what Sue could provide base on her methodology of metaphysics,  he became more aware what his strengths and weaknesses are. The business environment in Johannesburg and other areas of South Africa have become quite competitive. With the insights he gained, he is restructuring his life and business for a better future.

Lara Roman (LA, USA)

Having been a lawyer in Germany and now applying her legal expertise in Los Angeles allows Lara to enjoy the beauty of California. Being active in the local community is a great way to expand ones network of friends. Due to her husband Phil (a former producer of cartoons like Garfield) Lara has gained the opportunity to see how the cartoon industry evolved. Now with Sue’s advice she is expanding her own perspective on what she can do beyond traditional career in legal.

Alice Hlidkova (Arizona, USA)

Travelling the world and enjoying what the media has to offer – has been an opportunity Alice has been experiencing as a personal growth tour. She has interviewed some of the most innovative unicorn startups as their debut on the NASDAQ happened. Being right in the middle of when history is being made, creates a fascinating world.

That is where Alice benefited from Sue’s unique methodology and approach to helping celebrities and entrepreneurs in many key industries excel beyond what the public believes to be an acceptable average path.

Sophie Zhang (Starnberg, Germany)

As a Business Development Consultant between Germany and China, Sophie understands both cultures. She has been living now in Starnberg Germany for over 15 years, while consulting people and businesses from China and Germany. Her power lies in her ability to relate to people and to help businesses grow and expand. Sophie understands that personal growth is key in every business and for every C-level employee.
With Sue’s advice she successfully pivoted at a turning point in her life to upskill herself in her career with more purpose.