Sue has been speaking on stage

On multiple occasions, Sue has had the opportunity to be speaking on stage. She has a significant background in business, finance, management and metaphysics.

Sue on Stage

Sue speaking on stage in Nürnberg

Key Speaker to 50 Nations - 2019

In 2019, Sue has been invited as key speaker to 50 nations, representing her home country Germany by “The Speakers Arena” in Nuremburg Germany.

She shared her journey of 3 cultures, 3 continents and 3 different ways of doing business. In her speech about global entrepreneurship, she inspired an audience of 50 nations to never think too small.

The biggest lesson she shared with the audience is that “rejection is a re-direction!”.


Sue speaking on stage in Business Center

Munich Business Event - 2019

In 2019, Sue spoke at a munich busines event on what is necessary for people to move beyond their corporate jobs towards a successful and fullfilling entrepreneurial journey.

Sue explained that nothing you do in business is 100% safe. It takes curiosity and courage to try something new. You will need confidence to believe in yourself. By taking action, you create success.


Sue speaking on stage in Munich

Munich - Speaking on Stage - 2018

In 2018 Sue spoke on her activities as a peak potential coach where she helps her clients to excel in their professional life as leaders and managers.

Nobody can excel in life by themselves. Understand that if you improve yourself by 1% every day, that you will create a create year.


Sue speaking on stage in London

London - Speaking on Stage - 2017

In 2017 Sue spoke in London on the need for women to take action in business and their lives.

Sue shared 3 tips on how to start and grow your business as a woman raising a family. The other area you need to optimize is your energy and time.

The most important questions to ask yourself is, what problem it is that you are solving in the market.